December 12, 2022

Hi guys. Looking for some reas...


Hi guys. Looking for some reassurance and tips . Everytime I try to talk to my fiancé about Terrain method (I don’t like saying theory, because it isn’t a theory it’s science) , and what’s going on with our cats, he just doesn’t hear me and gets really defensive and angry. He knows the basics, like what we put into our body will eventually cause disease and that . But he doesn’t grasp what detoxing really is, and that people can get each other sick especially with STDs . He doesn’t grasp that polio was not cured by a vaccine. He doesn’t grasp a lot.
We have a cat named Sam. She was diagnosed with feline leukemia , although I know that’s bullshit now. I’ve been wanting to introduce her to the rest of the cats (she’s been in her own bedroom for 4 years) but haven’t yet because I want him to be on board and understand that if the other cats show detox symptoms similar to what “leukemia” is after I let her out, that that’s a good sign, and not her getting them sick. I know I can just release her myself , but I love my partner, and just want him to understand and be happy for detox symptoms like I am.
He told me the way I approach it everytime doesn’t work and I should approach it differently. I don’t really know what that means , but basically I need to find a different way to approach it. He will not take the time to read the files in this group himself, so I need to teach . We fight about it everytime I bring it up. I’m very direct so I usually say “this is the answer” and when he questions it I get defensive and angry because I can’t explain it well enough clearly to convince someone of the truth.
He doesn’t trust what I say because he thinks I’m a Q Anon conspiracy theorist , and thinks I get all of my information online from unreliable sources . Which is simply not true, but, that’s what he says and why he doesn’t trust what I say now.
It’s extremely frustrating to love someone and want them to be healthy and live a long time and they just don’t care enough to do the research or believe in you .
Sorry for ranting .


Terrain answer:

Personally I like to try to ask more questions of the person which make the person have to think critically and logically. Also, not trying to get them to understand everything all at once. Knowing when to back off and say, we can talk about this mor … See more