April 24, 2023

Hi Guys, Its my first contribution on the group a...


Hi Guys,

Its my first contribution on the group and if it has been posted before please let me know.

What are the possible causes and cures of a trapped nerve or chronic back and hamstring pain? The pain happens all over the body including shoulder, neck, calf muscle. Sometimes it clears up after a few days but sometimes months.

Thanks in advance for your help and valuable insight into a literally dehabilitating problem.


Terrain answer:

Ultimately this is going to be a result of inflammation present in the body due to a backup of waste. But secondarily this can be an impingement to the nerve from the spine being out of alignment. When our body gets weak from years of eating cooked foods and animal products the body is not able to hold the spine in proper alignment. Then we add to that all of our bad posture habits, slouching, sitting on couches, hunching over at our desks, and even just walking around we have poor posture. All of this can pull the spine and hips out of alignment leading to impingement. A chiropractor can put things back into alignment, but the reason we have to keep going back to the chiro over and over again is that we aren’t removing the underlying cause, which is the weakened body. When we correct our diet and return to our natural foods the body is able to replenish the alkaline minerals which give strength to all our tissues, muscles, organs, teeth, bones, etc. When we do this, we also clean out the backed-up waste that is creating inflammation. The inflammation can also be a cause of the impingement of nerves and the malfunction of nerves. When the body creates inflammation in its attempts to rid the body of the backed-up cellular waste, the swelling of the tissues occurs which can cause increased pressure to press upon the nerve causing impingement of the nerve. The swelling is due to the body bringing water into the area to dilute the waste and toxins so they cause less damage to the surrounding cells and to facilitate their removal from the area.


Group participants comments:

Our bodies are weakened by malnutrition, toxicity, and lack of movement. We literally don’t have the strength to hold ourselves upright. I consume a species-appropriate diet, I fast between 8 PM and noon the following day, and I use Egoscue posture exercises and stretches to address the musculoskeletal dysfunction – they have been a lifesaver! I was also in debilitating pain myself for years. Due to these changes, I am now in better health at 40 than I was at 20.

Regular Reformer Pilates classes will help. Pilates is a body maintenance system that teaches correct posture, stretches and strengthens muscles, joint and spine movements etc. It’s great for rehabilitation and body posture.
You’d be surprised that when you walk slightly out of alignment, how much that will affect your whole body.
Chiropractor /osteopaths can help too but pilates regular maintenance