December 12, 2022

Hi. I’m new to this group and...


Hi. I’m new to this group and will just start off by saying I am extremely uneducated in natural medicine but totally believe in my heart that there are healthier, natural ways to overcome illness & disease rather than “medications & treatments”.
With that being said, I have a full body scan scheduled for next with a dermatologist. I used tanning beds when I was younger/careless (I’m 31)…I have a few concerning moles & my cousin was recently diagnosed with melanoma. I’m only human and can’t deny that I’ve been in a panic lately. Im terrified of receiving bad news & of course the fear of “treatment”. I’m open to hearing any and all opinions—thoughts on body scans/dermatologists, removal of moles, treatment of moles, & most importantly natural remedies if there are any to reverse skin damage (if possible). I’ve been seeing a lot on diet change/fasting/lifestyle change and would love to hear more on that as well. I have 4 kids so if anyone has successfully fasted and still kept their sanity while taking care of the kids please share. Again, I’m extremely new to all of this but I’ve quickly learned & fully believe that a HUGE majority of our healthcare system is corrupt…it’s scary, has me paranoid, completely overwhelmed & torn as to what to do, which direction to go.


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