December 19, 2022

Hi! I’m very new here, so on t...


Hi! I’m very new here, so on the learning path currently. I think I have just opened my mind to the fact that my whole family is vaccine injured. My son has never had vaccines, but I was HEAVILY innoculated(normal vax plus allergy shots 2x a week for about 5 years)and hubs was military and got shots, as an adult, of everything at least twice, ugh! We are all on the SAD diet and I am working to move myself towards vegan so my family can follow, but it’s going to take WORK!
My question regards my children. I will not be able to fully switch my children to vegan. Best case will be added fruit and veggies. How do I detox my kids?
Does anyone here have any experience with a product called TRS? This is a highly recommended heavy metal detox in the vaccine injury groups. I have joined an information group for the product and it seems promising, but I also feel very ‘sold to’, if that makes sense?
Also, people swear it has worked and there are many testimonials, but they have to be on it for the rest their lives to keep symptoms at bay; this seems wrong too? If this is a ‘cure’, shouldn’t it fix the problem and then we move on?
Or is it just a symptom suppressor and once you get off it, the symptoms return? It’s considered homeopathy, but is it BS?
Further, those who have detoxed their kids, what was your process? How did you talk to them about everything? Mine are 8 and 19 and have been raised on a pretty poor diet. Thank you all for everything! I am learning and changing everyday


Terrain answer:

The good news about our bodies is that we don’t have to be perfect for them to heal. Our bodies are consistently working on detox, constantly healing and repairing. So the more positive changes we can make to our diet and to removing the obstructions to healing the better they can function. Focus on small positive changes. Just keep adding in more fruits whereever you can sneak them in. Over time as their bodies get cleaner they will crave the fruits more and more.