December 12, 2022

Hi Lauren, I responded to a fb...


Hi Lauren, I responded to a fb thread about a man who received a pigs heart and I wanted to know if I’m on the right track in my thinking. The article talks about how humans reject other species so they use immune suppressants and anti rejection medications. so if our body rejects it at this level how about when we eat flesh, can we say our body is rejecting it and we, as in western thinking observed it wrong? The foreign body Is already in our system so it has to do its best to get rid of it. How do we really know it’s doing what it’s suppose to do? If we feed our body a liver of a chicken our body will use acids and digestive fluids to dissolve it. Are we observing a breakdown then excretion or are we witnessing absorption of essential nutrients & vitamins then excretion of the waste? The body takes what it needs then excretes the rest. But I cannot help but wonder if it’s actually damaging us overtime. Hence the need for hearts of other species. Just another example that came to mind about supporting species appropriate diet.


Terrain answer:

Our bodies have a remarkable ability to make the best of bad situations. The breakdown of tissues, facilitated by the putrefaction process of bacteria on the meat along with the stomach acid allows the tissues to be broken into a small amount of usable material along with a large amount of waste.