December 12, 2022

Hi lovely people. I suffer wit...


Hi lovely people.
I suffer with adrenal fatigue and I’m also quite a sensitive person. I get stressed and overexcited very easily. This leads to very shallow breathing and prolonged states of anxiety. I’ve been transtionig to NHD in the last couple of months. I’m very skinny now. I feel I’m just down to my bones. The constant state of anxiety results in low appetite.
I’m trusting my body and following my instinct, but friends and loved ones are getting concerned about my weight.
Am I right in thinking that I just need to give my body time and everything will come to balance (homeostasis)? Could anyone give me a rough idea (and I know that everybody is different, but maybe someone here has gone through a similar experience) as to how long it takes to heal from adrenal fatigue? Are we talking months, years…?


Terrain answer:

Adrenal fatigue is just what the name implies, fatigue. If we do not supply the rest the body is asking for the body remains fatigued.