December 12, 2022

Hi people was just wondering y...


Hi people was just wondering your thoughts on dehydrating food at home, thinking fruit mainly as snacks to 5ake out and about for the kids. Is it a pointless exercise or are there any benefits? Thanks x


Terrain answer:

Dehydrated foods are as the word implies, without water. Since we require water for digestion of our foods and our own hydration dehydrating is not ideal. However, living in modern society if using dehydrated fruits helps you to stay on track while transitioning then go for it. Or if it helps the kids make better choices, go for it. Personally I keep some dehydrated fruits in the car for when I am working to have something on hand and I have them for my husband who is not 100% raw and that keeps him from getting junk when he forgets to bring enough food with him for work.