December 12, 2022

Hi there! Is there anything he...


Hi there! Is there anything here about sinus issues/eustacian tubes being blocked? Is fasting the best way to rid the body of any mucus? This is for a friend who doesn’t eat dairy or animal products but says sugar activates their feeling of sinus pain and so was dubious about lots of fruit and he says his ears crackle and it feels like his tubes are always blocked like when you need to pop your ears on a plane. I said I would ask here in case anyone has healed similar! Thanks in advance


Terrain answer:

When we consume fruits we begin to hydrate the old stagnant lymph waste which is clogging the tubes. The only way to permanently correct the issue is to hydrate all of the lymph so it can flow out easily. So returning to the natural diet of fruits and greens along with drinking lots of water to hydrate old waste.