December 19, 2022

High blood pressure


What can I take to get my BP down
Thank you


Terrain answer:

It’s never what can you add. It’s always what can you remove.
If you add something and it stops the body from creating high blood pressure when the body has made it clear that its internal conditions at present require high blood pressure then you are applying poison to the body to artificially alter the body’s own response to the condition the body is in. The body wouldn’t have created the high blood pressure in the first place if it didn’t require the high blood pressure to deal with the state the body is currently in. By attempting to artificially alter this solution the body has put in place, you can make the symptom go away, but the body is still in danger because the disease conditions have not changed, all you have done is added more disease conditions through the application of the poisons.
Remove the CAUSE of the body needing to make high blood pressure. Don’t try to interfere or stop what the body is doing to save itself. Remove the reason why the body has to act in a way that is abnormal.
Address the diet. Remove the foods which are not suited to your physiology and the conditions of disease will rapidly dissipate allowing the body to return to normal functioning.