December 7, 2022

Hit and run conversation Can y...

Hit and run conversation
Can you explain terrain model in under a minute? If a stranger walked up to you and you had only 60 seconds to explain why viruses do not cause disease what would you say? Here’s what I would say:
When your body comes in contact with a poison or toxin your body initiates a cleaning process to remove that toxin. To clean itself your body uses expulsion symptoms, which are symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, or fever.
You may recognize that all of these symptoms are the same as the symptoms that the disease for profit industry claims are caused by invading “germs” or viruses.
So if all of the symptoms of a so-called virus are body cleaning symptoms and part of our natural healing processes then these collections of symptoms cannot be diseases.
Therefore when we get sick with a cold or flu we are actually getting well because our bodies are getting cleaner.
And Therefore we have nothing to fear from “viruses”. Other people’s bodies cleaning themselves cannot harm us. Our body is in complete control of its own processes.
So if you get a “cold” or a “flu” you are just getting a clean out and should be grateful for the opportunity to lessen your internal disease burden.