December 7, 2022

Hiya guys, my sister has just...


Hiya guys, my sister has just been diagnosed with liver cancer, she’s only 41, apart from a high alkaline diet, cbd oil and soursops, anything else anyone can recommend that would help?
Had a meeting on Friday with the specialist and the primary source is the bowel which has spread to the liver, precancerous cells in the colon and stomach with shadows on her lungs too. We are all shocked and heartbroken to say the least. They have said it’s terminal 1-2 years. So the diet and fasting is the most important thing. She is following this thread. Thank you everyone for your input. Love to all.


Terrain answer:

No CBD, that is an herbal poison. CBD should only be used if it is needed for pain relief and will be replacing a much more harmful pain reliever.


Also, the liver processes fat, so the less fat she consumes the faster the liver can heal.