December 19, 2022

Hot flashes


** HOT FLASHES ** (not necessarily specific to the possibility of peri-menopausal – see details below)
What are the physiological explanations behind why the body might be performing this internal thermal ramp up
What are the potentials of its purpose in this
I’ve come across some mention of menses being a means of detox/elimination and, an under the current (vague) impression that menopause isn’t necessarily the natural outcome where one is with a healthy terrain … I’d love more info on this topic as well
There’s no need to read further in order to answer the above in a general way if you wish. I’m MORE THAN HAPPY (and grateful) with any responses that haven’t taken into consideration my personal factors listed below (plz can you just make note in your comment – eg. “I didn’t read all the personal factors” or “generally speaking…”)
• been happening for the last couple weeks
• not of any ‘feverish’ sort – no major perspiration involved
• no measurable detoxification symptoms occurring otherwise
• they’re short lived & intermittent bouts of, internal, radiant like heating-up of my body – last 3-15 mins
• no moodiness involved
• physical activity is not a contributing factor at all – these are occurring while my body is at rest (awake but at rest – I don’t think they’re happening while I’m asleep)
• 1-3L distilled water per day – no other beverages other than the max 3xtea per week I mention below
• room temperature doesn’t seem to be a factor
• no emotional components present around the time it happens
• menstruation cycle has been perfectly consistent since 2017 – until August this yr – had an ‘extra’ period of menses (poss miscarriage at 3wks but never confirmed), followed by next menses at it’s regular time (Aug 23) … then cycles starting Sep 17, Oct 11 were both on schedule and as per my norm w/ no severe symptoms – then, in Nov I only spotted for like, ‘1 minute’ (barely even measurable) about 1 week later than I would have expected… and I’ve not yet seen anything (yet) this month.
• I’ll be 43 in March
• no major medical history – no surgeries (only ever been under for removal of wisdom teeth and another 1 or 2 teeth extractions)
• I’m pretty certain I’ve got a lot of lymphatic stagnation especially in the cranial and cervical areas
• been (predominantly) consuming mostly fruits (I’m 1 year into implementing a predominantly all fruits & leafy greens diet – I’ve really ramped up my consumption of fruit this past week, prior to that, for 2-3wks I was ‘fasting’ (not eating/not hungry) on average, 12-16 hrs/day
••• My Recent Unhealthy Choices •••
… still consuming very, very minimal amounts of …
• goat cheese (4-6oz this past week)
• milk (only in tea – max 3x per week)
• bread – specifically, I’ve went through 1pkg of 14 grain bagels and 1 loaf of pumpernickel over the last week)
• salted butter (ONLY on toast) – 1/4lb – 1/2lb over the last month
• MINIMAL amounts of salad dressing (the ones w/ less preservatives Reneés & Lighthouse)
• I’m not perfect w/ adopting food combining protocol but, much of the fruit consumed, I do eat singularly or, a 2-3 types at a time (never upsets my stomach) – I never eat melon with anything else – I’m not juicing – I’ve minimized my water consumption while eating but try to avoid it altogether during consumption
I don’t eat meals on any sort of schedule or usual timeline – I eat when I feel hunger (and I’ve always been like this – but have to be careful because I have always been naturally inclined to become undernourished due to eating crap foods (in the past) when I’m with a minimal appetite) … and I’m very rarely hungry throughout most of the day (again, been this way for, forever).
When I’m thirsty… I now often seek fruit vs just water in order to nourish and replenish so to hopefully, offset this under-nourishment. Eg. 2 weeks ago, I barely had any strength or energy … this week, the only change was in ramping up my raw food intake (mostly fruits) and my energies and strength have improved by 75% or more (I’m also well aware and understand that correlation doesn’t necessarily equate to causation here, and, overall)
••• Recent HEALTHY Choices •••
This past week’s menu has included (all ‘fresh’ – not frozen):
Canary Melon
Honeydew Melon
Red Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Alfalfa Sprouts
Spring Mix Greens
Dates (Parnoosh)
••• Other Factors •••
• I vape freebase ejuice (3-8mg nicotine) – I’m coming up on having quit smoking for 5 years in February
• I am off all prescribed pharmaceuticals 5 years mow, with only 1 more to go (Adderall XR 40mg/d – HOWEVER, I’ve barely taken it this past month and when I have this past week (3 days), I’ve only taken 1/2 my usual dose (20mg) – I’m pretty sure my body is starting to actually reject the medication)
• I sometimes take acetaminophen (generic Tylenol 1’s which have 300mg acetaminophen + 15mg caffeine + 8mg codeine) for severe headaches/migraines
I know I’m lacking …
• adequate outdoor exposure
• human connection
• physical activity
Pls focus on my KEY QUESTIONS ABOVE REGARDING THE POSSIBILITIES OF PHYSIOLOGICAL EXPLANATIONS and not on chastising the unhealthy factors I’ve admittedly outlined …
… after 3 years in this group, 2 years of self observation and 1 year of slow, but very effective implementation of major lifestyle changes towards a fruitarian lifestyle and toxic load reduction (I’m also 3 years into having removed the majority of other chemical exposures with household and health and beauty products) …
… I’m VERY WELL AWARE of the things mentioned above that aren’t supporting improved overall health, and those that are contributing to lack thereof … so, I’ve taken the risk to be vulnerable with sharing these factors SPECIFICALLY so they can be calculated and considered by others in answering my key questions and, IN MY GOAL HERE, TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PHYSIOLOGICAL POSSIBILITIES from others feedback.
So, POINT BLANK I’LL SAY THIS: I’m seeking CONTRIBUTORS to my learning, BUT NOT CRITICS w/ HARSH PERSONAL CRITICISM as I’m not with ignorance needing shattering here!
I HIGHLY value the b&w and straight to the point input of the admins here … but I have ZERO use for being belittled, so plz don’t bother.
A huge thank you in advance to all who can contribute to my goal in this, the opportunity to make this thread about learning and for the respect to do so using the kind, and gentle approach I’ve requested.


Terrain answer:

Your body’s thermostat (hypothalamus) is the control mechanism that regulates temperature. When the hypothalamus thinks your body is too warm, it starts a chain of events — a hot flash — to cool you down. As we age all of our poor dietary and lifestyle habits compound and in some people this leads to the hypothalamus becoming more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature.
This is not a beneficial process or a detox process, instead it is more like a seizure, it is a cellular malfunction due to the build up of waste in the system.
While hot flashes are considered by the public to be a sign of menopause they are not a universal symptom, they are much more common in people who are obese and those who smoke. In both obese people and smokers the level of burden on the body is extreme and so cellular malfunction is much more common.
The hypothalamus coordinates activity of the autonomic nervous system and also plays a significant role in the function of the endocrine system due to its relationship with the pituitary gland.
It maintains many basic physiological functions, including body temperature, blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte balance, and the regulation of digestion. The hypothalamus links our endocrine and nervous systems together, and the pituitary gland receives signals from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are connected by both nervous and chemical pathways, and the hypothalamus produces and secretes neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and several neurohormones.
Low adrenal function or adrenal insufficiency is associated with hypothalamus malfunction. The hypothalamus is a part of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and plays a significant part in adrenal insufficiency. These systems are all interconnected so where there is dysfunction in one there is concurrent dysfunction in the others, which can lead to a wide range of malfunction symptoms.
Our uterus is one avenue of detoxification the body uses to regulate waste. Hemorrhaging monthly is not normal. A small amount of blood or discharge might be considered healthy but the multiple days of heavy bleeding, cramps, mood swings and overall discomfort is a sign of a toxic body. When we stick to a completely hygienic diet with minimal fat the heavy bleeding and cramps all go away over time and all we experience is the normal discharge indicating ovulation.
Woman may experience more symptoms around the time of menopause because their monthly hemorrhage to keep the body just below crisis levels is stopping and therefore the other elimination channels need to carry that burden. This leads to further backup of waste which results in more cellular malfunction.
Young menopause is a sign of chronic disease and damage to the body. Essentially the organs are getting worn out long before they should be. Menopause itself is a normal part of the human existence, but it should occur much later in life. We know from the Hunzas and from some vegetarian women in India that women are capable of carrying children into their 70’s possibly up to 90’s.
However, many mammals do have a period where they cease fertility. This is called the grandmother effect. There reaches a point where the value of protecting the next generation becomes more important than the creation of new life. At this point the older females of the species stop becoming pregnant and switch to a role of protecting their grandchildren. This is beneficial to the survival of the species for two reasons, one is it allows the chldren more protection and the other is that as the females age and many die off the males around her that are available to reproduce with her become more and more statistically likely to be related to her. So there reaches a point where you would have a small group of mammals living together where all the males are descendants of the female and therefore not suitable for reproduction.
So we should be going through menopause but it should naturally be closer to maybe 80 or 90 years of age, not 40 years. Unfortunately, since nearly all humans in our current generation live in a state of deep chronic disease we don’t really know what the potential is, but we do know that at minimum 70+ years we should still be capable of giving birth if our bodies are properly cared for.