December 19, 2022

How we can heal our teeth?


I need to re-mineralize many teeth, on myself, my 5 year old (very deep cavities on every tooth), and my 2 year old (new ones). Ive gone to 5 dentists, im so tired of hearing “root canals, flouride, no sugar including fruit”.
I understand i do need to limit fruit, especially the acidic ones, thats tough as those are their favorites. They are both fruit lovers and i cannot get them to eat enough greens. They sometimes like cucumbers, will do salads but only with dressings. No sprouts, no celery. They just straight up refuse and cry and beg for their favorite foods, (quinoa) pasta, sweet potato fries, hummus, peanut butter, all the fruits….
What can i do? I know we can heal these teeth, i know it, but all the advice ive tried hasnt exactly helped and im feeling desperate, as my daughters molar broke and she had to have it extracted last week, we cannot afford to lose any more teeth this way.


Terrain answer:

I don’t know where this idea of limiting fruit comes from but we certainly do not need to limit fruit to have good dental health. We do need to eat ripe fruits, but we definitely do not need to limit the fruits. We do however need to eliminate the cooked foods if we want our bodies to stop leaching minerals, which is what is happening when the body is pulling minerals out of the teeth.