December 19, 2022…...

How can this be? What is this happening? Key point here is she took the flu shot. Can this be a reaction to this? I’ve recently discovered this FB. Still learning. It makes me super sad to hear all of these stories. I lost my father inlaw this month. 84 years old. Tested positive to pneumonia. Me knowing that this “kovid” virus is fake, I feared for his life. In my heart I knew he was not coming home yet, it was like advocating to a deft person. Nobody believed me…..I’m still heart broken over his death. When I feel like maybe he had a chance if the proper treatment was given.


Terrain answer:

The answer is right in the article for those who understand how the body works: “No underlying conditions at all. She was a very healthy, 18-year-old young lady. We were proactive with health, we had all gotten flu shots and knew the importance becaus … See more