December 30, 2022

Human meant to clean fruits in nature? Exercise.


I’ve been unable to sleep doing alot of thinking. I have brain trauma caused by concussion and caused by extended sleep deprivation from having babies (one baby took three years to finally stop crying through the night). As well as liver cysts and migraines and a bunch of other stuff. What I was thinking about is, almost every organism on earth has a cleaning up task, so worms and germs clean decaying damaged tissue, scavengers like crows and foxes and even lions scavenge old corpses and help start the clean up of dead animals etc. How do we know as humans that we aren’t at the very least meant to be eating old fruit and spotty apples?
My second question is the vagueness around exercise. I need exercise to heal my brain and can’t seem to find a middle ground on what’s optimal on the terrain meals without being soo exhausted the moment I walk couple hundred metres. Is yoga something ok to incorporate?


Terrain answer:

Scavenger animals are the ones that would eat the fruits that have fallen to the ground, for example, dogs, coyotes, and wolves. Humans have eyes to see the bright fruits between the green leaves, whereas scavengers tend to use their noses to root out stronger smells. When we eat rotten fruit it causes gas and bloating because of the fermentation.
Exercise is an important part of our overall health, but exercise does not heal. Rest is what heals. When we exercise we are taking energy away from the healing processes. This is why when we get a flu detox we are bedbound rather than running about. The body wants us to conserve energy to heal. Whenever we get a healing event if we go to bed to rest it completes much faster but if we push ourselves and run around trying to do our normal activities the healing event runs on for days, weeks, or even months because we are robbing the energy from the body that it needs to heal.
So if we have a major or chronic condition, getting more rest is going to allow things to heal much faster. But especially if we have suffered from sleep deprivation. The last thing a sleep-deprived person needs is to burn energy. Once the chronic condition has healed then it’s time to start to incorporate regular exercise. Before that, all you are doing is stimulating the body and draining its healing energy which takes that energy away from healing.
As for Yoga, personally, I do not recommend it for spiritual reasons as Yoga is a religious practice and that practice cannot be separated from religion, so if you undertake yoga it is very important to understand what you are worshipping with the poses and make a decision based on whether you are comfortable with what that choice means. There are plenty of non-religious exercise programs which are good like calisthenics, pilates or just plain walking and running. Walking is truly the best form of exercise as it is the most natural, low impact on joints and not overly stressful on the body. Running is good as well but long term running can wear out the joints. Also things like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, carrying boxes, gardening are all good options as well.