December 19, 2022

I am all for terrain theory, b...


I am all for terrain theory, but I have a question. When I was a kid chicken pox was common. I know a child that hadn’t been innoculated from it, came in contact with a child that had them (the active spots, fever, etc), and didn’t get them. That same child later came in contact with others who were a day shy of showing spots and ended up getting it. If viruses are not alive, what was “caught”/”transmitted” to effect those symptoms? Additionally, why is it we don’t see it much at all after the vaccine became part of the schedule? What happened to the rampant illness? I mean, it’s still out there and seems to transmit most on the eve of the spots.


Terrain answer:

For the first part of your question, both children came in contact with the same poison/toxin, most likely in the form of a high protein food.