December 19, 2022

I am trying to transition to fruitarian, horrible acne


Hi, I am trying to transition to fruitarian diet. I have been eating mostly fruits, green juices some nuts and seeds. Once a week I have vegetable curry and sometimes chocolate. I have been eating like this about a month now and I got horrible acne. My partner said that I look like I’ll or malnourished. Quality of my hair and nails is ok so I guess that it’s probably detox but it has been like this abou 2 weeks now. Has anyone experienced the same? How long this can take?


Terrain answer:

Acne can be a detox reaction but more often it is a result of the fat we are eating. I would first take a look at the sources of fat you might be consuming and cut back on those. Is there oil in the curry and can you make it without the oil? Are you eating nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut and can you cut back on those? How much water are you drinking? A good goal is between 1/2 gallon and 2 gallons depending on how dehydrated your body is starting out and how much cooked foods you are eating.
The other thing I would look at is how is my elimination. You didn’t mention eating salads, only green juices. A large salad every day can help to sweep out the digestive tract and eliminate old waste that may be backing up inside the digestive tract leading to the body using the skin for elimination.