December 15, 2022

I can’t eat anything but peanut butter toast


Hi everyone. This is a question from my dil. I have her permission to share. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please and thank you.
Help. I just hit 12 weeks and I can’t eat anything but peanut butter toast. Even that makes my stomach turn now, it’s been like this for almost 2 weeks. I can feel that I’m hungry and I know I need to eat because I have absolutely no energy at this point but pretty much anything feels inedible right now. I need SOMETHING to try.


Terrain answer:

When nothing tastes good that is true human foods – fruits and greens – that is our body telling us to stop eating, not force calories.
Having no energy is not a result of not eating over a few days or weeks. It would take months of zero food to reach a place of hunger for most people.
Hunger is always a pleasant feeling usually experienced at the back of the throat.
Fatigue occurs when the body starts to deep clean. The body can either put our available energy into the limbs to carry us around, or it can put the energy into the organs to heal. When the body starts to deep clean we experience a shift from external energy to internal energy. This results in what we call fatigue or having no energy. In reality, we have the same amount of energy it’s just that the energy has gone internally instead of externally.