December 12, 2022

I Could really do with some ad...


I Could really do with some advice right now this is a very brief outline.
I have been suffering for around 12 months with constant aches all over my body (like I have been to the gym aches) my movements have also been restricted.
I have had Trauma and loss.
This I do believe is a contributor although I am for the most positive and grateful. 
I have tried a number of different combinations of therapies, foods, and vitamins.
I do not drink alcohol
I do not smoke
I do not take sugar (only natural)
I am not overweight
I do exercise Yoga,swim,walking and gym when I can. I also have tried not exercising. Resting so Minimal movement. 
I do sauna
I do take cold showers
I have tried plant based and predominantly raw diet.
I have tried bone broth
These vitamins are the staple ones…. I have taken other combinations…. Although I have cut them all out taken nothing also to see if it makes any difference.
I take turmeric
I take sea moss
I take cod liver oil
I have received Counceling, CBT, Reiki,massage,
Physio. Hypnotherapy. Allergy testing.
I meditate at least once a day but use positive affirmations constantly throughout the day.
This next piece of information will not be greatly received on this site but I have tried what I preserve as a lot of natural health methods.
I have also consulted a GP so I have received an X-ray and blood tests… nothing shows up not any Inflammatory markers nothing.  
I chose a physio that also practiced in spirituality too… she explained that I had had a lot of trauma and my pain receptors where turned right up to high… also that my bucket as she explained it was Full. I needed to work on emptying the bucket… so maybe returning to some form of therapy…
Any insight any advise would be very much appreciated as this is very much effecting my life now… even if I am trying my best to block it.
Thank you


Terrain answer:

Aches that migrate around the body are a result of acids backed up in our system that are moving throught the lymph system. They are a common detox symptom and a symptom of a body that is highly backed up with acidic wastes from high protein SAD diets and ingestion of various inappropriate for our physiology substances like toxins, vitamins, herbs, oils, animal products, grains, beans and other non foods.