December 12, 2022

I couldn’t find any info in th...


I couldn’t find any info in the files. How do you treat wasp/hornet stings? I’m having a huge reaction on my upper thigh. I got another sting on my chest, it’s bad but not quite as bad. It occurred yesterday. I had a wasp sting about 4 weeks ago, It was very mild. (First one in over a decade) Not sure if that is contributing to this server reaction. The stinging/burning is very severe. The skin is very tight/hard/swollen/hot. It takes up most of my upper thigh. 6″ x 5″. I know a Benedry would relieve symptoms but I’m sure there’s a better way. When I show family members they gasp and tell me to go to a Dr. NOW.


Terrain answer:

The symptoms are the bodies solution. Anything that stops the symptoms is harmful to the body. The wasp sting is a poison/toxin which the body is working to break down and expel. The inflammation, swelling and heat are the body bringing water and ba … See more