December 19, 2022

I had a ruptured appendix and ER surgery


I had a ruptured appendix and ER surgery back in May. I was forced to take on a lot of pain meds and antibiotics for 2 wks while in the hospital and I suffered from side effects.
Now seems like a intra abdominal) bacteria abcess (post op) has developed and I fear going back to the hospital to have it removed. Has anyone had success with healing abscess naturally? What would you you? I’m overwhelmed with emotions.


Terrain answer:

Any time the body is creating an abscess the best option would be to water fast until the body is able to complete the cleaning process. Abscesses are a proliferation of bacteria in an area that is a result of injury to tissue. The bacteria are being used to break down and recycle the damaged tissues. By fasting we allow all energy to go into the healing processes and the bacteria can do its job more quickly and then the body will typically fever to burn off the excess bacteria once its work has been done.