December 12, 2022

I have a question I don’t know...


I have a question I don’t know if anyone can help, I have a 2 year almost 9 month old child and, since he started his stay and play group in sept last year he has kept getting Ill from one thing or another. He has now had a cough about 10 or more weeks which I have been treating naturally. With tissue salts and naturopathic remedies. With lemon ginger honey thyme and Turmeric and black pepper and elderflower tea. Also with an essential oil rub on his feet and. Best and back with no petroleum in it. Only organic natural ingredients. He eats meats yes but only free range and not a lot only when he wants it. He mainly eats fruit and vegetables he loves his fruit and vegetables actually and other than the tea he only drinks distilled water or fresh not from concentrate fruit juice. He has now just gone back to his play group Monday and now has a very blocked up but also running nose. It just woke him up in a panic in fact. From either the nose being blocked and him trying to catch a breath through it or the mucus going down his throat. I have a cold air humidifier on already. My question is do you have any advice that might help him stop being ill??
I understand every child gets childhood illnesses and with the lockdown all the strains of viruses have grown stronger but this is getting ridiculous my poor boy is always unwell. Im wanting to know if there is anything in the terrain theory world that can help. I’m still only just trying to learn about the terrain theory so new to it all
Thank you in advance


Terrain answer:

The terrain model teaches us that the body is self cleaning and self healing. The symptoms you mention in your post are not your child getting ill, they are symptoms of your child trying very hard to expel all of the toxins they are being bombarded wi … See more