December 12, 2022

I have been reading your info...


I have been reading your info for a couple of weeks and I accept what you are saying in the terrain model, not only is it logical but the evidence is there to back it up. I am about to start following the terrain diet but I have some concerns and I was hoping someone could help. I train CrossFit 6 days a week and play football 3 times as well as other activities. I am worried that I will not be able to eat enough to not only maintain weight but also increase it. The mainstream model says that you need x amount of calories to maintain weight. Is the calorie model correct and if so what do you suggest I eat to increase size and muscle? I was about to add 12 raw eggs to my diet each day but it looks like that’s no longer an option with the terrain model. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Ps, I’m not the biggest lover of raw veg. Nuts, seeds and any fruit no problem but eating raw veggies will take some time to adjust to. So in the mean time I was going to look for some sort of green booster to add to shakes to help with that aspect of goodness.


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Chris Califano