December 7, 2022

I have been seeing a lot of po...

I have been seeing a lot of posts lately both in our group and in other raw food groups where people are doing extended juice fasts, or eating nothing but watermelon or doing other extreme methods to try to heal faster. Then they are complaining that they are struggling, that they are getting extreme symptoms, losing weight, etc. This is not how we attain and maintain health.
Terrain Model does not promote extremes. Extremes do not provide our bodies with benefits, they further stress our system.
Eat fresh WHOLE fruits in their whole form. NO JUICES . Eat Variety.
Use good food combining or eat mono meals.
Fast only when the body shows you that it is trying to heal.
Eat 2 fruit meals and one very large salad meal most days. Eat until full, this means 5-10 pounds of fruits and greens a day.
We don’t “control Candida” the body uses Candida when it needs to use Candida. We don’t control bacteria the body creates bacteria when it needs the bacteria, the body rids the bacteria when it no longer needs the bacteria. We are not in control, we cannot control, all we can do is put the conditions of health into place and let the body work as the body is designed to work.
We don’t take things to assist with detox, we remove things to assist with detox. We rest more, we eat less, we consume less technology, we stress less, etc. Healing is about subtraction, not addition.
Stick with whole foods in their whole form as often as possible. Get adequate exercise but not extreme exercise. Get adequate sleep, but do not over sleep. Move your body daily. Avoid stimulants. Drink fresh clean water. Breath fresh air. Get outside and move naturally. Return your lifestyle as much as possible to the natural lifestyle of a wild human and you will be putting the conditions of health into place. Wild humans would not waste time or resources juicing fruits. They would not have watermelon year round. They would eat the variety that nature provides and they would not overeat of any one fruit, they would eat from all the trees as they shift through the seasons.