December 12, 2022

I have many severe symptoms of...


I have many severe symptoms of mold toxicity. I’m out of the mold as of today but my question is….can I clean mold out of my body without supplements. The “mold survivor” community swear by an array of them and it is overwhelming to me. I have a severe histamine response after eating so I can’t eat many things anyway. Especially sugary fruits. Can anyone here help direct me?


Terrain answer:

There is no such thing as a supplement that can clean the body. Only the body takes actions. Drugs can take no action. The action is created when the body responds to the substance as a poison. People misunderstand the effects of ingesting a poisonous herb, supplement or drug and the body reacting by ramping up expulsion actions as detox effects. They are detox effects but they are not deep cleaning the body, they are only responding to the immediate application of a poison. The detox reaction we get after taking a supplement, vitamin, herb, TRS or Zeolite, etc is only the body expelling the supplement, vitamin, herb, et al.