December 19, 2022

I have some confusion about the Terrain Model


I have some confusion about the Terrain Model detox theory. After reading many posts in the group, to me at least, there seems to be some inconsistency around the topic.
Take the frugavore diet for example; we say that new symptoms following a change to this diet is the body initiating the detox process because it has renewed vitality and resources to do so. Even if it lasts for months or even years, or a lifetime, it is still claimed to be a detox process.
We support this by saying that the body is too overloaded to properly detox before switching to the fruit diet.
Yet this is where I see a contradiction. A person with “flu” symptoms is claimed to be showing detox symptoms. It’s usually those with poor lifestyle habits that get sick more often, so how does the body have the resources to do this, according the premise set by the previous example? We say that “flu” in the holiday season usually follows a period of indulgence. Yet this happens to the most unhealthy and inactive people too.
I also believe “long Covid” is a thing, whatever it’s actually caused by. Personally, I only recently recovered my sense of smell and taste after a full year. I also know others struggling with constant severe flu and cold symptoms. So is this just constant detoxing, even when the body is depleted of resources?
We say the body is intelligent and wouldn’t attack itself, so why do people die or become permanently damaged by these detox symptoms? Wouldn’t it be a more intelligent process to stop detoxing and create a tumour instead, until the body regains some vitality?
If not, then why even create a tumour in the first place having had no previous detox symptoms?


Terrain answer:

Yes, you do seem to have things quite confused. You might find it easier to read some of the books in the files rather than relying on comments from group members. Members have varying levels of understanding, some have a good grasp of the topics while others may only have parts of it down or may think they understand when they really do not. The Life Science Course is available in the group files for everyone’s benefit to study from.
There are a number of factors that affect the occurrence of symptoms and their severity and duration. Some of the primary factors are the energy available to the body, the amount of waste backed up in the system, how we respond when an expulsion symptom begins, and the exposure to a toxin/irritant/poison.
Part of the issue you seem to be running into in your mind is that you have created a strawman argument. There is no such thing as a person eating their natural diet for a lifetime that has extended detox symptoms or a healing event of any magnitude. When a person’s body is clean, if they are exposed to an irritant, the body responds quickly and efficiently and the symptoms pass quickly. The person inhales an irritant, they sneeze, their nose runs for a few minutes and that is all there is to it. Since they have no backup of waste, the process doesn’t need to extend on for days, weeks, or months. Normal function returns immediately following the expulsion of the irritant.
There are consequences to actions. Sometimes we delay the consequences for a short period, but the end result is usually far worse. Imagine you are 15 again and you just broke curfew. You have a choice, go home and face the punishment, apologize and take the consequences, or stay out all night trying to avoid the consequences. If you go home a little late your punishment is mild, if you put the consequences off and keep your parents up all night worried about you, the consequences are likely to be severe.
When a human eats something irritating or inhales or is otherwise exposed to that irritation, the body responds by trying to clean out that irritant. If their body is not overburdened the response is quick and the material is removed without a lot of fanfare. If however, the person continues to irritate their body and the body is not able to do its cleaning in the moment because of the burden on the body, the next time there is a break available to the body, the body will take it and the symptoms will be more severe because there is more that needs to be cleaned out now.
When a break is not offered by the person’s activities eventually the body forces the break it needs by creating nausea, vomiting, or otherwise forcing the person to not eat for a time.
You state: “A person with “flu” symptoms is claimed to be showing detox symptoms.”
This statement should be corrected to “a person having a healing event with a specific collection of expulsion symptoms is labeled by the medical industry as having “flu”.” Expulsion symptoms in different combinations are given different names, all of the names are imaginary diseases that the medical industry can use to legally sell poisons to the person if they are labeled with such a label. A person with the “flu” only exists in the medical fairy tale. A person’s body creating expulsion symptoms as part of the body’s normal biological processes is reality.
Detox is not some event that happens. Detoxification is a process that is running continuously, 24/7/365. You cannot turn on and off detox. It’s a requirement of life. If detox stops, you are dead.
Your next statement is also a bit confused “It’s usually those with poor lifestyle habits that get sick more often, so how does the body have the resources to do this, according the premise set by the previous example?”
People with a moderately poor lifestyle are the ones who get healing events frequently. These are the people who do enough damage to keep their bodies in a constant state of mid-level disease, but not enough damage to push their bodies past the point of expulsion processes. People with very poor lifestyle habits quickly push their bodies out of disease levels 1-3 and into chronic disease states. These people rarely if ever get healing events, but eventually, get a cancer diagnosis.
Holiday indulgences often push those with a chronic state of uncleared waste into a healing event for two reasons, the first is overburdening the body and pushing it past its tolerance level, forcing a cleanout. The second is holiday rest – people often have off work and sleep in, rest, and have less stress while they are on vacation. Less stress means more energy available to the body. More sleep means more energy for the body.
Healing events occur for two reasons, one is more burden pushing the body past its tolerance level, and two is more energy available due to a lifting of a burden. Either the body hits its tolerance level and forces a cleanout (nausea), or we do something to lift the burden (eat lighter, get more sleep) and the body has more energy available and takes advantage of the energy to clean and heal itself.
Cleaning processes happen to all people, not just “the most unhealthy” or inactive. If cleaning processes stop you are dead. So anyone walking around alive right now, their body is cleaning right now.
Long CV is just people in a chronic state of disease putting a different label on their collection of symptoms. Once you understand that none of the diseases of the medical labels exist and they are all just symptoms of the same singular disease, toxemia, it’s much easier to stop trying to shove terrain model into the packaging of the medical model. The medical industry holds 100,000 different disease labels for the same singular disease. Terrain understands the single disease and removes its cause.
Losing the sense of smell is nothing new or novel. Any time the nerves are flooded with waste your senses are dulled. If your body is in a toxic state then your nerves are likely to be saturated in waste and unable to work as designed.
Again, detox is always running, so no, long CV is not “constant detoxing, even when the body is depleted of resources”. Long cv is constant irritation by an unending abuse upon the body by the person living so far out of alignment with their nature that the body has to continuously expel waste.
“We say the body is intelligent and wouldn’t attack itself, so why do people die or become permanently damaged by these detox symptoms?” This is another strawman. No one ever dies or becomes damaged by detox processes. People die and become injured by ingesting poisons and by interfering with the body’s detox process. People also die by not stopping the injurious practices which started the need for the expulsion symptoms in the first place – their deranged eating habits, drug use, stimulants, and other abuses they put their bodies under daily.
“Wouldn’t it be a more intelligent process to stop detoxing and create a tumor instead, until the body regains some vitality?” A tumor is the body’s last defense. Cancer is a survival mechanism. If a person has fed their way into tumors or cancer, what is the likelihood that the body would have future vitality? The person has pushed their body to its last efforts to remain alive and remain a cohesive organism. Why would they stop poisoning their body when they had pushed it this far? If they ignored every cold, every allergy, every ache and pain and continued on down the path of abuse they are unlikely to suddenly gain some vitality magically. They are at the edge of the cliff and will continue marching right off.