December 12, 2022

I have to admit, when I first...


I have to admit, when I first came across this group through RMF group, I was 50/50 .. nut jobs/eyes open! Well, a few months down the line, I now class myself as a wannabe eyes wide open kinda old (63)gal!
I’m eating much more fresh fruit & veggies.. virtually meat/fish/dairy less, no added salt or pepper.
One of my favourite meals was pasta with a tomato, garlic, chilli, capers & black olive mix.. I made it tonight and couldn’t eat it.. my taste buds have changed so much!
I’m finding my own confirming information that answers questions I didn’t know I had previously.. thanks hugely to Winston, my now 5 year old pooch who’s suffered for 3 years with the backlash of big Pharma/veterinarian greed!
I have a brand new allotment that had previously been a no dig plot and I’m keen to keep this going as best I can..
so! Thank you for having me


Terrain answer:

Excellent job on transitioning! Is your pup on a Terrain Model Diet as well?