December 7, 2022

I just want to clarify somethi...

I just want to clarify something so that we can move away from the medical mindset which is counter to the healing process.
It’s not an “infection”.
“Infection” is the fantasy of the germ myth.
“Infection” indicates that the bacteria and waste at the site of the inflammation are there with a nefarious purpose. It is this wrong thinking which allows Doctors, Vets, and even Natural Medicine practitioners to prescribe dangerous antibiotics, antibacterials, antifungals and antivirals over and over again in a futile battle to “kill the germs”.
It is also this way of thinking which allows us to think that “natural” products taken topically or internally, like honey, colloidal silver, garlic, oregano oil, sulfurs, etc. are safe and effective “treatments” for something which requires no treatment at all.
In fact, not only do the symptoms we think are “infection” require no treatment, stopping those symptoms actually causes harm.
Germs never cause disease.
Germs are created by the body or existing in nature to serve a specific purpose.
Bacteria, Yeasts, Fungus and Parasites are natures garbage men.
They come along when there is a pile of waste and they devour the waste and assist the body in cleaning up, making it easier for the body to eliminate it. They take larger elements and break them into smaller elements so that each piece may be either reused or discarded by the body.
They are not the enemy. Killing them with antibiotics, antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, both chemical and plant based/natural, not only adds more burden to the body to eliminate but it also kills the clean up crew that was there helping the body out.
I used to say using antibiotics et al. is like shooting the messenger, but really it is worse than that. Its like having a 20 car pile up on the freeway and then shooting every tow truck driver that comes to move the vehicles. It gets us nowhere and now we have giant tow trucks blocking the road too!
The body eliminates waste through primary and secondary channels. Kidneys and bowels are the first line of elimination, secondary channels are the skin, ears, mucus membranes in the eyes, mouth and nose.
When the bowels are congested from years of wrong food ingested then the body is no longer able to use this elimination channel. If we start seeing waste elimination through the skin we know that our system is backed up with waste and our kidneys and bowels are in need of attention.
Some signs of elimination through the skin are acne, fungus, yeast, rashes, slow wound healing, wounds with discharge, or dry and irritated skin, etc.
These symptoms which we have been trained to call “Infection” are all an indication the body is trying to dump the waste and clean itself out.
So when we see these types of “infection” symptoms, whether they are bacterial, fungal or yeast, the only thing we need to do is support the body by allowing the body to direct more energy to healing and less energy to digestion.
This means simply, we must address our diet. We must eliminate that which causes mucus and waste to build in the body and drains our energy with long and difficult digestion. That is your wheat, meat, dairy, eggs, refined foods, cooked foods and fake foods.
And we must supply plenty of high water content, alkalizing foods to hydrate the lymph waste and mucus and make it easier for the body to remove from the system. This means lots of fruits, savory fruits (cucumbers, bell peppers, etc) and tender greens. We must consume them in their raw, unadulterated state and we must ensure that the body has plenty of fiber to sweep the walls of the bowels clean to reopen that elimination channel.
Once the body is properly hydrated through raw water rich foods (not drinking water) then and only then is it safe to incorporate some fasting to speed up healing. But fasting for extended periods (3+ days) without first correcting the diet is dangerous. The body requires hydration and alkaline minerals to dilute the acids in the system. If we fast without first properly hydrating the body all of the waste will be very slow moving and the dry stagnant lymph will fester causing damage to the cells. A well hydrated lymph will allow the wastes to flow easily out through the primary and secondary elimination channels.
So let us erase this myth of “infection” from the world and begin to help people understand how to care for their bodies and listen to their bodies to heal not suppress symptoms with drugs or natural remedies.