December 7, 2022

I just wanted to make it clear...

I just wanted to make it clear that Terrain Model does NOT endorse or support DRY Fasting. Humans are far too dehydrated from cooked food consumption and consuming inappropriate foods to sustain a dry fast without causing potentially permanent kidney damage.
Some animals are able to dry fast because they have eaten their natural diet their entire lives. Humans have strayed so far from our natural diets that it would take decades of perfect eating (fruits and tender greens) to get the body to a state where dry fasting could even be considered.
Stick to water fasting for acute symptoms. And if you are just starting to clean up your Terrain, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Set a transition goal of a year, don’t try to jump straight into making all of the changes at once. The faster the transition, the more likely you are to have more extreme cleaning symptoms, take it slow and let the body clean out gradually.