November 12, 2020

I just wanted to show some love and appreciation f...


I just wanted to show some love and appreciation for our body’s seemingly miraculous healing mechanisms, especially in regards to our almighty Lymphatic System! It is our body’s sewage system and is what helps us expel toxins.

The more hydrated we can make our bodies the easier it makes the lymphatic system’s job to expel all those nasty toxins! Think of how hard it would be to remove old, hardened mucus; doesn’t sound very pleasant, probably even painful That’s why getting our bodies hydrated is so important. The more hydrated we are, the easier it will be to loosen all that hardened mucus and finally get rid of it!

Remember, folks: our primary form of hydration is found in our food, not from isolated water! Isolated water won’t get you very far at all. So keep eating your fruits and veggies, keep weaning, keep transitioning, and most of all keep loving yourself and your body will thank you ❤

Edit: Forgot to add another crucial point (thank you to the comment that mentioned it ❤): Unlike our circulatory system, which has its own internal pump (the heart), our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump! WE are the pump, so the more we move the easier it is for the lymph to get all that crap out of our body! That’s why so many people experience such great results physically, mentally, and emotionally when they adopt exercise routines without changing their diet. All you gotta do is move. There’s no magical movement that’s going to make everything better, so just move in whatever way works best for you whether it’s walking, running, climbing, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc. ‍♀‍♂‍♀⛷‍♀


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I was trying to read through the comments to see if there’s book recommendations on the lymphatic system.


According to Tom Cowan the heart is not a pump. Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

I also have used a Rebounder (mini-trampoline) for over 40 years…the best way to super charge your lymphatic system!!

So very true, hydration is at the foundation of vibrantly good health. As a retired professional athlete, I add this LIVING Biogenic Activator to my water. I found eating fruit alone was not enough to be properly hydrated nor is drinking processed filtered water. Fruit is definitely better than processed filtered water at hydrating the cells because the fruit contains LIVING Biogenic water and processed filtered water doesn’t. You can drink all the processed filter water you want and still be clinically dehydrated. And if you workout or play sports fruit doesn’t contain enough water. That’s why our creator gave us rainwater to drink. I found that adding this Biogenic Activator to my filtered water that I could keep from being clinically dehydrated when I worked out and competed in tennis. Here is a link to my source:

Walking is key to helping the lymphatic system do its job. Muscles also help to pump fluids around the body by contracting and releasing. Movement is life! (I love the photos BTW!)

Struggling to understand how someone can honestly believe in evolution when they study the complexity of the human body ‍♂
Kinda critical to understanding health, especially the importance of spiritual ➡ mental ➡ physical health and the solution to the more fundamental problem of senescence…
Everybody seems to skip over this fundamental abnormality and it is censored to talk about it which dumbfounds me ‍♂

Well many posts here are suggestin that veggies are toxic…

Beautiful post