November 19, 2022

I know that fever is the body healing itself when...


I know that fever is the body healing itself when needed, but does it become dangerous when a fever is 105 and why do some people or some children always have a much higher fever when they do get one (ie: 104 & 105)?


Terrain answer:

Fever itself is controlled by the body and is never dangerous. What becomes dangerous is when products are used to interfere with the fever, many of which are poisonous to the body. When the body is creating fever it is doing so because it has been poisoned and it requires a drastic measure to remove that poison. If we poison the body a second time while it is in the middle of cleaning out the first poison the chances of death increase significantly.

Children run higher fevers because generally, children have a much higher level of vitality (more vital energy) which allows for more rapid and aggressive cleaning. This is also why young children tend to get a lot of colds and then as we move through the teen years and into adulthood the years of abuse and burden slowly wear down the body’s vitality until colds become infrequent.


Group participants comments:

I know this post is from a few weeks ago but if a child has 105 temp and parents are concerned about seizures happening what do you tell them? Is this a myth?

The problem is not the fever itself but rather a rapid change in temp. This rapid change can induce seizures. Tepid rags can be used for comfort if needed.

I ran a 104.8 for a day earlier this year. I just let my body do its thing.

Fever is healing . Use no meds to bring fever down.just put ice packs on shoulders cold rag on head and fast and rest


From my understanding, a healthy, neurologically normal brain will not allow a fever to go too high. It will cap it off before it becomes dangerous to the body

My uncle got “typhoid fever” back in the day, and his fever got up to 107°. It caused severe brain damage and has had horrible seizures his whole life since then. Back then, their family was very poor. They had no medicine or anything like that. By the time his fever became so high that he was unresponsive, my grandfather carried him two miles to the nearest neighborhood just to get a ride to the hospital (they lived really far into the country, away from town.) His seizures had began otw to the hospital. They put him in a bath of frozen alcohol packs to lower his temperature but no medication was given until his temperature was lowered and stayed consistently lower, around 102°.

My 2yo typically runs around 104-105 when he’s sick. I never bring down. He has run 106+ before