August 11, 2022

I need extra sodium and less potassium with Primar...


I need extra sodium and less potassium with Primary Adrenal insufficiency and I do not understand how this balance fits?


Terrain answer:

You don’t need either. What you need is to remove the backed-up waste from the system which is causing the cellular malfunction. It doesn’t matter how much you try to prop up a damaged system with supplementation of isolates, you still have not removed the CAUSE of the body being in a state of abnormal function.

Until you remove CAUSE all you are doing is treating symptoms. In order to treat symptoms, you must play a constant balancing game of poisoning the body. Because the symptoms themselves are the body trying to correct the disease conditions. In order to stop the symptoms, aka the body cleaning and repairing itself, you must apply poison to the body to keep it in a state of disease.

You cannot maintain a state of health and hold onto your disease labels. Either a state of health exists because you are providing for the needs of the body, or a state of disease exists because you are applying poisons to the body. You cannot have it both ways. If you put the conditions of health into place you cannot keep your disease label or your disease conditions or your disease symptoms.

Labels are just marketing tools. You do not have and are not your medically applied disease label. What you have is a body in a state of abnormal function because the conditions being provided to the body are requiring the body to function abnormally. It doesn’t matter how many labels you have, if the conditions of disease are present the cells will not be able to function normally. If the conditions of health are present then the body will operate normally. The body always seeks to operate normally, so the body uses symptoms to clean and repair itself so it can return to normal operation. The symptoms you are trying to suppress by using medications or supplements are the way the body is trying to repair itself. Stop working against the body’s cleaning and repair processes and you will stop working so hard to keep your disease.

Return your body to its natural foods and allow the cleaning processes to work without interference and without poisoning the body and the body will return itself to perfect health. The cells only operate one way. You cannot keep disease if you provide the cells with normal operating parameters.


Group participants comments:

Kat Collins you can read through the comments here for potassium questions

So I know that you believe 100% that adrenals cannot regrow. But with a quick google I found something that seems to say otherwise.

This will be my last attempt at trying to inspire a perspective shift for you.
Best wishes on your journey through this.✨

So I know this isn’t the same thing…. But – to make a point.
I was told that my body took serotonin out of my blood too quickly, and that it was an inherited flaw, and that I would be on medication for the rest of my life just to function. My mother has the same thing. So I went on meditation (SSRI… antidepressants)
For 17 years I struggled through. Almost committed suicide twice.

2 years ago when I kick started my health journey (I was already 2 yrs vegan) I found out that this was a lie. So I weaned myself off lots of things, including my meds. I went through my first ever winter without suffering depression! I recently lost my 17 yr old dog, and I did ‘loose it’ a bit there with grief, but no need to go on any meds-nor supplements to replace meds.
Straight up-the doctors lied. All of them.

I know you and others with this dis ease experience far more severe and immediate symptoms, however, is there any wiggle room in what you have been told? Eg: your condition is NOT permanent. It can be resolved given the right circumstances. What you have been told may be with a limited mindset-only information from 1 source… it doesn’t make it 100% complete truth.

Look for survivors, the cured. They will be out there!

This is a really interesting thread…my son has adrenal insufficiency his adrenal glands do not work properly they do not produce cortisol…he is now 16 but was diagnosed at 12 days old as he was in an adrenal crisis…because he is a salt waster he had dehydrated over the 12 days his organs were shutting down lining of his bowel was coming away and other things going on…he takes hydrocortisone and Fludrocortisone daily we’ve always been told that he needs his meds to stay alive…he also carries around an intermuscular injection…we were told one of his chromosomes was missing or deleted and that’s what caused it that me and his dad are both carriers for his condition and we passed it to him…the fact he has to take meds regularly has always troubled me because of the extra crap in them but seeing his body shut down when his cortisol levels drop is scary so I understand where Charlie is coming from…it’s a big risk when someone with AI can die within 20 mins of an injury like broken bone so taking that step and stopping meds is almost unthinkable…but I would love the thought of him not having to take meds for the rest of his life ‍♀

Work on your adrenal glands. They are responsible for mineral balancing. If the adrenals are down, it’s likely that many other systems are impaired. So, I would shift focus from mineral imbalance and work on cleaning up the GI, and restoring general health to the body on a very clean diet.

So .. after reading most of the comments, I can see you must be feeling frustrated.
I know it sounds incredibly scary, because you have been told you will go into a coma, or even die, if you eat well and stop your meds, and that you can’t change your genes. The only thing that makes that accurate-is YOUR belief. Your mind is far more powerful than you may think. You can change your genes with the power of your belief. It’s been scientifically proven. (Look up Joe Dispenza)
You can change your diet, a little bit each day perhaps, so as not to stress the body, and allow it time to find a route around your current damage. Then remove any other poisons first (Eg: shampoo, new furniture, sprayed foods, caffeine, emotional stress etc) and do some water fasting, before finally stopping meds. It will be a tricky journey, but it is possible. Sure you might get scary symptoms and feel awful whilst your body fixes itself, and yes, that includes fixing your adrenal cortex.
IF being healed is what you truly believe in and want, then that is what will happen.

Being shut down into a coma whist your body heals (if you can get into a position where you are kept alive but not drugged/poisoned) would possibly actually be the quickest way if healing! I know that sounds scary but ‍♀

I’m guessing continuing to work, to function ‘normally’ is very important to you. But perhaps consider taking a break from ‘life’ to listen to your body. Best wishes.

I’ve spent the last year recovering from this. I’m nearly off the steroids I was prescribed a year ago. It’s been a long journey.

Our 4 main electrolytes depend on each other in a lot of ways. When one is not able to function properly, it has to do with the others being out of range. But the others might be out of range due to other nutritional imbalances.

Electrolytes are important, but then as they function, there is a ton of other important stuff going on. It’s impossible to raise a single electrolyte without figuring out what why its being held imbalanced like this.

Calcium needs nutrients like boron and k2. Magnesium has a lot less function without enough protein, b12, folate, choline, betaine, glycine etc. And without these two working well, sodium and potassium have very little potential.

Learning about the sodium potassium pump helped me gain a better idea of how integral electrolytes are and why they don’t seem to want to budge sometimes

Raw celery has natural sodium I believe