December 12, 2022

I need some advice. My wife ha...


I need some advice. My wife has been taking organic magnesium pills for a few years. She has struggled with constipation and they help her with that. Whenever she forgets to take them for a day or two she has trouble with constipation again. Now after reading thru things in here we have learned that supplements don’t fix the problem. We are actually against all kinds of vitamins and supplements. Except for this because it does SEEM to help. And it does help her go to the bathroom. Question is what is the root of the problem so she can address that and stop taking the pills?! (We are working towards a fruigorve diet btw but not fully there yet) Appreciate all responses and advice in advance; Thanks!


Terrain answer:

The root of the problem is usually one of two things, 1) Chronic Dehydration 2) Digestive Fatigue