December 7, 2022

I often get the question, If g...

I often get the question, If germs don’t kill then what about Septicemia/Going Septic/Septic Shock?
A wound becomes Septic when unnecessary interventions have been put in place which block the natural drainage of the wound.
So in order to get to a place of being septic many mistakes need to be made in the course of treatment.
Fasting would likely be the best chance of survival, but far more important is avoiding getting into this position in the first place.
So for example, if a wound is bandaged and not allowed to breath and drain a wound can become septic.
If a surgeon places stitches and closes the wound and blocks the wounds ability to drain then it can become septic.
So if we avoid the initial intervention and allow the wound to drain and close on its own then we avoid the cause.
Here are some excerpts from Herbert Shelton’s The Hygienic System Vol.VI – Orthopathy which explain further: