December 7, 2022

I thought I would share this r...

I thought I would share this response I wrote in another group to why Valerian (or any other herb) should not be used to suppress a symptom:
All herbs have a drugging effect, some depress the nervous system and some stimulate the nervous system. Either way they are harming the body. Interfering with the bodies chemistry.
This causes disease, which is simply lack of ease, dis-ease, a state of disrupted chemistry in the body.
Adding a plant toxin to the body is no different then adding a pharmaceutical toxin. Both stem from the same source, both are plant toxins, one has been patented the other not. But both work against the bodies chemistry.
The symptoms are the cure for a body not at ease. They are the self cleaning self healing body at work. If we use plant toxins to drug the body we are not removing the cause of the dis-ease within we are just stopping the healing symptom created by the body from doing what it needs to do. We are creating more dis-ease within by adding more false chemistry to a body that is already telling us that its chemistry is out of homeostasis. The symptoms that we suppress with the Valerian are the body trying to correct an over acid condition in the body which is causing dis-ease and dysfunction in the cells. If we stop the symptom we trap the acid waste within where it continues to damage the cells.
This is no different then a human being taking drugs to stop cold or flu body cleaning events and then ending up with Cancer or other degenerative diseases because every time their body tried to clean itself they applied a plant poison or lab made poison to stop the cleaning symptoms.