December 7, 2022

I thought I would take a minut...

I thought I would take a minute to address why this article is true . Our body has primary eliminations channels, kidneys, bowels and lungs.
When we exhale we are not just exhaling carbon dioxide we are eliminating cellular waste from the body. Just as when we urinate we are eliminating cellular waste, toxins and debris.
This is how our bodies constantly running healing system works. Poisons/Toxins go in, the body creates expulsion symptoms to push them back out.
So simply blocking any elimination channel will cause waste to build in the body. If we are constipated, we will have a build up of waste and debris causing disease inside our bodies. If we blocked up our kidney flow, for example with a kidney stone we could cause major problems. And blocking our exhalation is no different.
So blocking the exhalation of disease causing wastes will lead to a back up of waste in the body.
Next we look at what we are inhaling with the mask on. We are inhaling through fibers. Fibers are constantly breaking down. That means with every breath you are inhaling paper or cloth fibers which the body must then wrap in mucus and expel. In addition many masks are coated in various chemicals, many cloth masks are made with toxic dyes. All of that is going into your throat.
Then you are trapping moisture. What happens if a baby sits in a wet diaper all day? Diaper “rash”. Irritation and Inflammation. The same thing happens to your lungs and throat when you trap moisture in your mask and keep breathing it back in.
So if we are adding more waste and more irritation while blocking a primary channel of waste expulsion what is going to happen when the body hits its waste limit? You are going to trigger a cold or flu healing event.
The body is going to force expulsion of all of that waste with coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Depending on how much waste is backed up inside your body you may also trigger the other elimination channels to open meaning vomiting, diarrhea and nausea to stop you from eating while the body heals. If all this expulsion causes already irritated and inflamed nasal passages to become more inflamed you will get a side effect of shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, congestion. And if your body is really toxic you may also get fever, chills or headaches.
All of these symptoms are your bodies natural cleaning processes at work. But if you get enough of them together then you will be told by the disease for profit industry that you have a “disease” and you will fear your body healing itself.
And if your Dr really wants to sell you something they may also test you for your own bacteria and tell you that you have an “infection”. So what is the deal with the bacteria? Bacteria is created by the body to assist the body in the disposal of waste. Our bacteria is pleomorphic, meaning many forms. It changes form to meet the needs of the terrain. A clean terrain will have so called “good” bacteria and a dirty terrain will have so called “bad” bacteria. Again this is mythology to sell poisons. The bacteria is neither good nor bad, it is simply the appropriate bacteria for the job that needs to be done. A dirty inner terrain requires bacteria which cleans up a dirty terrain, a clean terrain does not require those types of bacteria. So all of that waste needs to be eaten by the bacteria in order for the body to break it down and eliminate it. So now your bodies bacteria healing symptoms are called “infection”, you are fearing invasion by these helpers and so you gladly take a poison to kill your own bacterial cells that are helping you out.
And that is how the disease industry manufactures disease for profit.
But we can even go one step further. What happens if you get this respiratory “infection” or you get a cold or flu healing event and you stop the healing symptoms with cold medicines, flu medicines or antibiotics? If you stop the body from healing itself in one avenue the body will try to expel waste in another avenue OR the body will be forced to keep the waste inside moving up the disease ladder. When you stop expelling waste you must then store the waste. Storing waste moves you into inflammation ( diseases that end in itis ), Ulceration and eventually Tumors and Cancer. And teaching you to stop your bodies cleaning processes and to fear your bodies cleaning processes is how they have created the epidemics of preventable diseases that kill millions every year and lead to trillions in profits for the industry.