December 12, 2022

I wanted to ask you guys somet...


I wanted to ask you guys something. So, my brother-in-law has recently discovered cancerous lumps in his throat (he doesn’t smoke or do drugs he just eats normal people food). He’s a pretty typical guy’s guy. He hunts, loves eating meat etc. and is unfortunately completely asleep along with the rest of my family. Needless to say, my family is worried to death about his current health situation and want to get him immediately into chemotherapy and perhaps even surgery. They obviously also think I’m crazy and that I’m slowly killing myself by just eating fruit and veg and that I’m getting far too skinny whereas just about all of them are obese and have ongoing health problems. Anyway, I’ve held my tongue this entire time in telling them that this is a completely easy fix, he has to change what he’s eating and that all the “treatments” and surgeries will not only be completely unnecessary but harmful as well nor would they in any way be addressing the root cause of his ill health. I know they more than likely would just get mad at me for even suggesting something like this and probably tell me to go eff myself but there’s a big part of me that would like to at least attempt to get some of this information to them because I know they are just completely unaware of it. What they would choose to do with it afterwards would be on them. I’m conflicted. I’m genuinely curious to hearing what you guys would do if you were in my situation. Do I say anything or just keep my mouth shut? I’d be positively mind blown if after hearing everything I had to say on the matter if they actually implemented any of it anyway, but I also will feel horrible if I didn’t at least try. I’m kind of at the point in my life too where I barely even bother trying to explain any of this to anybody anymore and just let them do their thing and let them make the mistakes they’re making unless they come to me for help or suggestions.


Terrain answer:

Sadly this is so common, the people we care the most about and want to help more than anything will reject our experience and expertise. This is particularly true of parents towards their children and brothers/sisters to their siblings. We cannot re … See more