December 7, 2022

I wanted to share this comment...

I wanted to share this commentary from another group because it is such an important message for all of us to grasp.
Terrain Model is about empowerment. But there are those in the Anti-germ theory camp who rather than empowering us want to simply shift the disempowerment from germs to another scapegoat.
Whether they do it out of innocent ignorance of the principles of true health or they do it to confuse and distract as intentional agents of psy ops or they do it because the diet they sell keeps people sick and they need something to blame the sickness on that is not the disease causing diet they are pushing really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it drains our energy and takes away from us the power that we have over our health.
You can argue that EMFs or anything else toxic in our environment should be feared because they cause “disease” but the simple fact remains that when humans return to their natural diet all of the symptoms previously blamed on EMFs and all other environmental factors disappear. We see this in dogs as well.
Personally we take in hospice and senior dogs with Cancer, Dementia, Blindness, Hearing Loss, etc and we put them on their biologically appropriate diet, lots of fresh raw fruits, some raw meats. Following the Terrain model principles every dog has healed ALL of their symptoms. Despite the fact that EMFs have only increased, air and water pollution have continued to increase. We live where Chemtrails are sprayed over the sky nearly every single day. They are all in perfect health. (And so am I)
Certainly people who have a dirty terrain, whose bodies are overburdened with waste can be more sensitive to EMFs and chemicals and any other toxin or irritant.
But why drain your energy worrying about something you cannot change when there are things which you can change? And when we do change these things we see the symptoms disappear because once the dietary burden is lifted from the body, the body can function as it is designed, rapidly eliminating any toxins through its clean and flowing sewer system, the lymph system.
Everyone has their sacred cows and for some people it is blaming EMFs for their health issues. But the reality is, until you have returned to the natural diet 100% for several years (about 1 year for every 7 years your body was misfed plus a few more years if any pharma drugs have been used for extended periods) you simply cannot say anything other than the wrong foods going into your body is to blame. So first address the diet, return to the natural diet, go through the cleaning events and then if your symptoms still exist (they won’t) then you can drain your precious energy worrying about all the other scapegoats. Because even if you managed to create a perfect world without any EMFs or chemicals or emotional shocks or anything else people like to blame, your diet would still be causing you dis-ease and draining your nerve energy.
Our energy is limited. Don’t waste your precious energy on anything that disempowers you. We need strong focused humans who understand that health is in their power to fight back against an industry that is slowly eroding our right to health. If you have influence that can make a difference in EMFs or GMOs or Chemtrails or any other environmental toxins then fine, focus your energy on your sphere of influence, but if you do not, then don’t waste your precious energy on fear of something you have no influence over. Instead focus your energy on the things that are 100% in your control. Because if you do focus on the things that are 100% under your control in your health, the food you put in your mouth 3 meals a day, you will find that you are completely empowered to own your health and no one has the power to take that away from you unless you let them distract you and allow them to create forced medical “treatments”. We need to educate the world and if we are distracting people with fear over things they cannot change then we will never get them to see the things they can change.