December 7, 2022

I wanted to talk alittle today...

I wanted to talk alittle today about transitioning back to the natural human diet in a way that is sustainable as well as how we can outreach to others without scaring people away or turning people off.
In an ideal world, everyone would have the discipline to simply start eating ideally and never look back but if that has not worked out for you I want to say that is totally okay.
It took me many years to get to where I am now. Demanding we go from a SAD diet to perfection works for some people and fails miserably for others. The pressure created can be a trigger for relapse. So take the path that works best for YOU.
In my early experiences as I was still healing I went 100% hygienic many times and each time I ended up falling off and causing myself further injury. Each time it became more and more difficult to maintain and get back on track because I had created a highly demanding all-or-nothing approach in my mind. I wasn’t mentally ready to give up everything all at once and because I kept trying to force it I kept failing to maintain.
After a few years of going back and forth causing more digestive damage, I finally decided that I was going to do things gradually and lessen the burden by degrees. Once I released the notion of perfection eating ideally became a joy instead of a burden.
The best benefit of my change in perspective though was being able to connect with others and meet anyone where they currently are.
One of the best gifts learning the science of natural hygiene gives us is the ability to help others and teach others how to be empowered for their health. Unfortunately, this can be a double-edged sword. We get so excited to spread everything that we have just learned that we forget that others around us are not at the same level as us and are not ready to make the same leaps.
For me, I had huge health struggles that motivated me to go full force, but many people out there have accepted that their ill health is just a part of aging and don’t get the same motivation to be healthy that I experienced. Being able to connect with each person at the place they are in their own unique path ensures we can help communicate effectively to anyone and everyone.
I had to learn this lesson the hard way, inadvertently alienating many people in my well-intentioned excitement to share what I had learned. We all get where we are by asking questions and then seeking the answers. Those around us will pick up information gradually if we present it in a non-threatening, non-perfection-seeking manner. Once I realized that it was not my responsibility to preach but to simply be available with resources and answers and to be a helping hand I was able to reach far more people.
With this in mind every Tuesday I prepare raw and hygienic cooked foods for friends and family. We share examples of most ideal and transitional foods which help to overcome the natural feeling of overwhelm that most people experience when you tell them about the natural diet. Sometimes I make decadent raw desserts like Raw Cheesecakes, other weeks we make entirely raw, ideally combined meals, and most weeks are somewhere in between.
As a result of this outreach effort each week people come back telling us how their health has improved or how they are eating more fruits or salads all week. We even send home leftovers so they often carry over a few days of healthy meals extending the benefits. One friend lost a full dress size and got her blood pressure from 190 to 140 in just the last 3 weeks.
This week we made raw tacos and tomato soup and a dessert of Cherry Vanilla Nice Cream. (Pics below) On other weeks we have made steamed vegetables with a nice sauce or vegetable soup (no salt). Usually, we combine raw sauces with steamed vegetables to show how easy it is to add more raw and ideal foods to each meal.
For many years friends and family simply dismissed the raw lifestyle as extreme or militant. This was my own fault. Every time it was presented there was an illusion of perfection, not out of dishonesty but out of excitement. The result was they felt they could never reach the ideal as it was so extreme, so why bother even trying? Once I was able to take away that perceived air of perfection I was able to help so many more people. To reach them where they were instead of trying to drag them to where I am.
For some people seeing skinny bikini-clad bodies is enough motivation. For others, it completely turns them away because it feels so unachievable they don’t even want to begin. For me, seeing those raw Instagram models never motivated me, it pushed me away. It wasn’t until I met people who were completely honest about not being perfect that I was able to make the changes that resulted in my body’s healing.
Ultimately we all have to be honest about where we are right now. We also need to be honest about where the people we want to help the most are. When we can tap into honesty and a true desire to above all else help people get well again then we can truly make a difference.
I hope that as all of us continue to grow into ideal eating we can save the lessons we have learned along the way to the benefit of those around us that we want to help heal as well. If going 100% works for you then stick with it. If it doesn’t remember that for the future. Someday it will be easy for you to eat ideal. But someone you love will need the information you learned along the way. They need the road map, not the destination.
We strive to teach best practices in Natural Hygiene not because long-term hygienists are perfect all the time, but because we want to provide a foundation of knowledge that allows you to lift the burden from your body and create long-term sustainable health-promoting habits. Hygienists eat a wide range which includes an abundance of raw fruits and greens but can also include a spectrum of less ideal foods which are eaten in moderation.
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Eat fruit and be well my friends.