December 12, 2022

I was recently told that I hav...


I was recently told that I have stage 4 cancer. Apparently I have spots or nodes on my lungs and a legion or tumor on my backbone that is eating away at my vertebrae and putting pressure against my spinal cord. It’s quite painful. I thought it was just a pinched nerve but has been affecting me for a couple of months now. I haven’t let them do a biopsy on me yet to officially “diagnose” me and tell me what kind of cancer it is. They want to biopsy my lung. My question is, should I let them? My gut tells me I should stay as far away from allopathic doctors and hospitals as possible. What are your thoughts? Edit: so I haven’t maintained a healthy diet over the years and almost never have drank much water at all. I’m just now trying to turn that around. Drinking more water now. Trying to drink cold pressed juices. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I know I need to make more of a drastic change in this area as I’m convinced it may be my only hope in healing naturally. Thanks for any and all input to guide me on this journey. From what I understand so far is to stay away from sugar, coffee, cigarettes etc. And eat lots of greens thus alkalizing the body. I’m sure there’s more to learn .


Terrain answer:

Have you read the file on Cancer and Tumors?