December 12, 2022

I was wondering if anyone can...


I was wondering if anyone can help with info on fluid in my ears? I’ve always suffered with my hearing and have had a few operations in the past removing polyps and adenoids (they grew back) I was told my ears are not damaged but there is a lot of fluid build up that’s effecting my hearing ive always suffered with my sinuses too but over the years are getting better since I’ve changed my diet significantly I eat currently high fruit with some whole foods Alf the odd bit of processed foods but recently my hearing is becoming a problem again I am trying to transition to high fruit but I’ve a feeling it’s linked with dust.


Terrain answer:

It’s common for old symptoms to reappear as the burden is lifted off the body and the body is able to properly repair those areas. Fluid buildup is caused by our dietary indiscretions leading to the creation of mucus to protect the cells from the acid wastes that build up inside the body. The body brings water to the site of acids to dilute those acids. Over time the wastes become hardened as we continue our dietary indiscretions and continually dehydrate the body more and more over many years. Once we transition to more fruits we are hydrating those old wastes and they start to flow out again.