December 12, 2022

I went on a 50 juice fast and...


I went on a 50 juice fast and now I’m vegan. I did the juice fast from Feb 9-Mar 31 and my skin has been detoxing… I’m eating cooked vegan food now along with smoothies and fruits and some salad. What’s the quickest way to heal the skin? Is this acid being pushed to the surface ? It’s oozing yellow liquid and I think dermatologist would diagnose this as staph or impetigo… I’m not sure. Its apparently highly contagious yet no one near me has gotten it. Is acid detox contagious?


Terrain answer:

Water fasting is always the fastest way through a symptom. Elimination of cooked foods will go a long way too though. Cooked foods are a heavy burden on the body which slows healing processes. If you aren’t ready for a water fast then sticking to w … See more