May 4, 2022

I went on a beach vacation last week and got sunbu...


I went on a beach vacation last week and got sunburn which turned into an itchy rash. It’s been a week and the rash is still there along with new rashes I have never gotten this before, is this a sign of being overloaded with toxins? Is there anything I can do to speed healing?


Group participants comments:

Sunscreen. Solved. Nextttt

Were you on any medication?

Is there a problem with using cantarion oil?

More than likely sunburn was an exacerbating influence to a pre existing condition. When the ANS uses the skin for excretion purposes, it’s because the normal emunctory organs are overworked and not up to the ongoing eliminatory tasks.

Yeah stay out of the sun and eat plenty of juicy fruit to get as hydrated as possible, based on the current state of mucus and toxemia-acidosis in your body.