December 7, 2022

I went plant based last Novemb...


I went plant based last November so getting close to a year! The first 6 months was awesome! Now I believe my body has enough energy to detox…especially since I have been eating more and more inline with Natural Hygiene philosophy. I have been sick/healing for about a month now! Mostly sore throat and nasal irritation. Now the deep coughing has evolved and it’s getting to the deeper older toxins.
My question is I try to spit out phlegm as much as I can but sometimes the circumstances don’t allow. If you swallow phlegm is it handled and excreted through the bowels? Or does the body have to work even harder again to get rid of it? I have also worked out the purpose for most symptoms but what purpose does headaches and hemorrhoids play in detox?
Appreciate any information and education!


Terrain answer:

Our bowels are an elimination channel, so swallowing will simply move the mucus out through that elimination channel.