December 12, 2022

I would like to ask a couple o...


I would like to ask a couple of questions…
1.. Are there any examples of several generations of humans living totally as frugivores ? ie. someone living most of their childhood , early life as a frugivore getting pregnant, being totally frugivore(including veggies nuts etc) during their pregnancy , giving birth to a child , raising that child totally as a frugivore and that child also becoming pregnant as an adult maintaining a totally frugivore diet and raising their child as a frugivore? So several generations being raised on totally frugivore diets?.
2.. Is there any references of how much and how often a person with an extremely active job, lifestyle would have to eat, to maintain muscle mass and function of all organs ? I am talking a job where 9 and a half hours of bike riding, parcel lifting, walking etc is the norm some days, with little chance for food breaks…. If someone has to be active for 6-7 hours before a food break, can they be sustained on no food or a little fruit, nuts or veggies at the start of the day? This is me by the way….. at the moment I am doing intermittent fasting/keto for first half of the day… ie I have a cup of bone broth upon waking then work usually until 1.30-2pm constantly active… then have lunch which usually involves veggies and some protein(sometimes eggs, sometimes beans, sometimes meat). So I am wanting to find out is there any references about how much I would have to eat if I were to try frugivore to be able to sustain this level of activity?


Terrain answer:

#2 – I am 105 pounds give or take and I can carry 50-60 pound bags of cement, boxes of fruit, buckets of rocks, etc with ease. I spend about 4-6 hours every day shoveling, turning compost, and digging in the garden. I have ridden 20-40 mile mountain … See more