December 12, 2022

If this is against group polic...


If this is against group policy my apologies please delete.
My friend has a book at his house 200 proofs the earth is flat. Some of it looks at the science but some of it is just funny.
Recently me and the wife have been getting shamed by some dingdong family members for not getting jabbed, inspiring me to do a book called 200 reasons not to get the jab-a-jab-a dingdong.
Anyone want to contribute some reasons, scientific and funny will be appreciated!!!!


Terrain answer:

2. Colds and Flus are a collection of expulsion symptoms. The body uses expulsion symptoms to clean itself and make repairs. Colds and Flus are not getting “sick”, they are our bodies efforts to get well, by expelling the waste we heal. After we get … See more