April 15, 2022

If this post is not appropriate in this group then...


If this post is not appropriate in this group then please delete 😉

Would like to know is there anyway to improve eyesight. I am finding the past few years my eye sight is deteriorating and relying on my glasses which i believe is the culprit for the damage.


Terrain answer:

Yes. Eyesight degeneration is caused by one of two things primarily. The most common cause is chronic dehydration from eating a cooked foods diet. The eyes are mostly water. When they become dehydrated they start to lose their shape. The lens starts to warp creating blurred vision. Returning to the natural diet allows the body to rehydrate everywhere, including our eyes, so the eyesight returns to normal.

The second cause is neurological. As the body becomes more acidic the nerves can become damaged over time and this can also lead to neurological based eye conditions. This is the less common reason for loss of eye sight as we age. Returning to the natural diet will allow the nerves to heal over time as well, this will take longer than eye sight issues due to dehydration.


Group participants comments:

Growing up in the ’60’s I have wondered about the few students throughout my childhood that wore glasses. With a renewed understanding that eyeglasses are completely unnecessary and wearing them will literally limit your experience of life. Since they magnify the eye that has to be degenerative in itself since the effect would be to put additional stress on the eye which would affect the rest of the body. Also, wearing such an awkward thing has tended to limit the options of a young person in sports. I guess that maybe 5% of my peers growing up wore glasses. Each prescription occasionally has to be updated since you can expect more deterioration of the eyesight directly due to the “corrective” lenses because of the stress on the eyes and the body overall. It really is the height of absurdity and ignorance. There was a lot of $ to be made by selling these prescriptions, which guaranteed that they would be customers of the eye doctor for life. The relatively recent Lasik surgery has seemed to give many of these people a new lease on life, but I’m wondering what are the side effects of lasik. These people have had their vision restored to 20/20 for the first time since they originally were fitted for prescription eyeglasses, and in some cases it was 40-50 years later.

Sun gazing IS good for eyes too

“The Art of Seeing” by Aldous Huxley; all about the Bates Method exercises.

High doses of vitamin A. Eye exercises on YouTube. Stay away from glasses and contacts.

Try the near-far exercises. They have helped my eyesight. I’m not 20/20 just yet so will carry on with these. As I understand, the eyes are similar to telescopes. Telescope lens need to be focused if they are blurred, the same applies to the eyes. Near-far exercises seem to help with this.

Bilberry is amazing for eyesight

Would like to know does carrot juice helps?

Amanda Vollmer did a recent onterview about that on her channel.