December 7, 2022

If you go out to the bar and y...

If you go out to the bar and you “overindulge” (drink more poison then your current tolerance level) you pay the price right? Either that night you spend praying to the porcelain god or the next morning you have a debilitating hang over.
If someone asks you what happened? Why are you vomiting, have diarrhea, are nauseous, have a headache, etc, what do you tell them?
Do you say I drank too much?
Or do you say the bartender sneezed and I caught microscopic beasties from him that invaded my body and gave me a hangover disease?
Silly right?
Of course you don’t say that.
You know that ingesting poison has consequences and those consequences are called a hangover.
Yet every year from October to April (Halloween till Easter) humans gorge themselves on toxins and trigger detox events (food hangovers) called “colds” and “flus”. Since we have been taught to fear our bodies cleaning themselves, we call these cleaning and healing events “getting sick” even though we are getting well from them.
Crazy right?
And even though we over indulged and gave ourselves a food “hangover” which requires cleaning symptoms to eliminate the toxins and excess waste from our system, we still believe, without a shred of evidence, that our cold and flu detox healing events are invasions by microscopic beasties causing “disease”.
And that belief is highly profitable for the disease for profit industry which heavily promotes this fear of our bodies healing themselves. Without this fear we cannot create epidemics of Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, etc which are a trillion dollar a year business…