December 12, 2022

I’m 65 and can probably count...


I’m 65 and can probably count on the fingers, of one hand, the number of people I’ve known who’ve had pneumonia.
Since there are no viruses such as to cause ”viral pneumonia” and presumably bacteria doesn’t *cause* it either, what are the usual causes of pneumonia ?


Terrain answer:

Eating or drugging the body when the body is trying to clean itself. Most people end up with pneumonia when they are in the hospital. They go to the hospital because their body is trying to clean itself with cold/flu symptoms and they take whatever treatments the hospital offers to suppress the cleaning symptoms but the body still needs to clean out whatever poisons it was trying to clean so it ramps up the cleaning efforts. Which unfortunately tends to lead to the person taking even more symptom suppressants which is why pneumonia can lead to death.