November 8, 2022

I’m curious about skin cancer. It seems to operate...


I’m curious about skin cancer. It seems to operate differently from other cancers. I’ve gotten more moles lately. Why are moles linked to skin cancer? Moles don’t seem to be detox…are they? Has anyone ever recovered from skin cancer by fasting?


Terrain answer:

Here is what the Life Science Course says about Moles and Warts:

In his book, Getting Well, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton says that, according to medical “science,” little is known about the cause of warts and similar out growths of the skin.

In The New American Encyclopedia, revised edition of 1939, we note that warts are “due to excessive growth of the skin.” No other speculation is given and no explanation of why the skin should evidence such abnormal growth. A 1979 edition of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia states positively that warts, or averruca, are caused by viruses and that treatment involves the use of local medication initially and, if they return, by freezing, with dry ice, X ray, burning with an electric needle, or surgical removal. This edition points out that plantar warts, those that develop on the soles of the feet, are especially hard to treat and remove.

Shelton believes that warts and probably other disfiguring skin manifestations of a similar nature, are due to a perversion of nutrition, perhaps due to some local irritation such as dirt, cosmetics (as for example, after shave lotions which contain harmful irritants or drugs), or by internal toxicosis.

Dr. Shelton emphasizes external cleanliness and says that when external cleanliness is supported by all other Hygienic measures—fasting, improved diet, exercise, sunbaths, etc., the wart often disappears.

Occasionally, in stubborn cases, recourse must be had to the blue lens, a device used to concentrate the sun’s rays on the affected area(s).

One case we worked with is especially interesting. This woman had a very unusual mole on her back. It was very black and about the size of a half-dollar, sat on a pedestal, elevated about 1/4 inch above the skin surface. It was disfiguring and annoying, even painful should she happen to sit in such a manner as to put the mole in contact with a hard surface.

This woman had been advised to have this mole removed surgically but she was reluctant to do so, so she sought our help. She elected to fast and to follow Hygienic principles. Nothing seemed to happen to the mole but after a time, her other ailments gradually began to improve including what had been a severe sinusitis and frequent aching in various joints.

Little by little, this huge mole began to peel, small pieces breaking off at times. By this time our client was a raw fooder and a fruitarian.

Recently, some fifteen years after her initial decision not to have surgery, she told us that all that remained of this once monstrously disfiguring and annoying mole was an almost invisible dark spot, about 1/4 inch in diameter, a mark that was perfectly flat on the surface of her skin. The mole was no longer a matter of concern.

This case study illustrates McCarter’s Law that “sickness begats sickness, but health begats health.” In other words, if we are sick and do nothing constructively to improve our living and eating habits, we will grow sicker but. if we improve our health by healthful living and continue to take a positive direction in our lives, we will just keep on getting healthier and healthier. And, experience has demonstrated often enough to us that we are able to say with confidence that this law applies to all skin diseases, too!


Moles are a result of the toxic material that the body is trying to expel obstructing or injuring the follicles and glands. Many moles are fungal cells.

Yes, there are many cases of people recovering from skin cancer by returning to their natural diet and fasting. Often they don’t even fully return to the natural diet, but just lift enough burden through diet change to allow the body to clean itself effectively.

Skin cancer is like any other cancer, it is an area of the body where the waste has built up to a level so high that the cells are not able to function normally in that area. The cells revert to a more simple bacterial form in order to survive in the low oxygen environment and as a result they stop working with the other cells in that area leading to a decrease in function of the surrounding tissues.


Group participants comments:

Yes, I had skin cancer last year. I had already started my transition but am still only about 50% frugivore. This post and Lauren’s comments are a good reminder to me to try harder. I struggled with fasting so I did juice fasts but still can’t believe how good it feels. My sciatica and frozen shoulder also (eventually) cleared up.